Meridian Brothers

Touching down from Bogota, Columbia, Meridian Brothers at its core is the one-man family band of restlessly experimental musical director, adventurous guitarist and legend of the Bogota subterranea Eblis Álvarez.


Onstage Meridian Brothers scale up to a five-person rocking squad fit to hotwire festival stages… with every last limb busy on an array of synths, brass, percussion, electronics and peculiar props, it’s a rich and strange, BPM-surfing dancefloor concoction all garnished by Álvarez’s slithery, effects-laden croon and freewheeling six-string deviations.

Far from a mere 21st century update of the melodies and rhythms of cumbia, porro and salsa, Meridian Brothers ingeniously do things the other way round: Alvarez’s own idiosyncratic soundpool (honed across years of splenetic cassette release activity on the independent Columbian scene) forms the template for a style undoubtedly steeped in the potent mores of those traditional musics, but also venturing deep down into the same playtime weirdo-rock cavities as latter day Deerhoof, the vintage film soundtrack archive, the dub-bass echo chamber and the laced late-sixties sonic crop harvested by Silver Apples/Presidents Of The USA et al… all brewed up and boiled down to perfection in an overcrowded Bogota bedroom.


John Stevens