Moor Mother

Moor Mother is the viscerally charged output of Philadelphia based interdisciplinary artist, Camae Ayewa.


'This is not noise made to merely disturb aesthetic sensibilities; this is noise designed to exorcise generations of ancestral trauma.' — WIRE

A national and international touring musician, composer, poet, visual artist, and curator, Moor Mother aka CamaeAyewa’s music is a statement for the future as well as a way to honor the present and its historic connections to amultitude of past realities

'Moor Mother makes music that feels halfway between necromancy and warning. These songs are a rejoinder to that erasure, and a proposed antidote to an anti-Black capitalism that insists cultural debts be forgotten.' — PITCHFORK

Her work uses Afrofuturism as a narrative tool, recognizing its ability to empowermarginalized Black and Indigeous people, and acting as an agitator in shapingAfrodiasporan past and futurenarratives. Ayewa is also a vocalist and musician in three collaborative performance groups: free jazz groupIrreversible Entanglements, post-punk duo Moor Jewelry, and club/noise duo 700Bliss.

'Her backings are stunningly realised: collages of sawing strings, tones of meandering frequency, and drums that gallop like a horse let loose to nowhere.' — GUARDIAN


Joe Hatt