With his ghostly, rhythmically elusive representations of bass music, DJ and producer Parris consistently locates the sweet spot at which soundsystem weight ballasts a potent, ever-shifting arsenal of sonic deviations.


'An underground fixture and a strikingly mature musical voice' — THE WIRE

As comfortable in the realm of noise/drone protagonists such as Helm (whom he has recently remixed for forthcoming release on Alter) as on firmer dance floor footing with labels like Tempa, Hemlock and Idle Hands, the spectral low-end drift of Parris‘s music allows him to work the periphery of conventional club expectations, his DJ sets twitching with erratic psychedelic energy while rattling the cage exactly when they need to.

'a true club oddity, pulling ideas from early dubstep, grime and techno and fashioning them into a skeletal, pulsing celebration of bass' — FACT

Deeply influenced by early sub-heavy dubstep productions and his youthful appearances at iconic bass club night FWD>>, Parris has four solo 12″ releases to his name: Burr (Idle Hands, 2014), Skeletal (Ancient Monarchy, 2016), Your Kiss Is Sour (Hemlock Recordings, 2017) and recent EP 2 Vultures on Trilogy Tapes – not to mention TX280916, a super-limited tape out via Keysound and his own label venture Soundman Chronicles through which he has championed fellow marginalists such as Rabit and Wen. His mix for Electronic Explorations was featured in Pitchfork‘s best DJ mixes of October 2017.

'Teetering somewhere between oddball experimentalism and functional club weapon' — THE QUIETUS


Daisy Moon


Worldwide excl. North America

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