Sarah Davachi

A composer and performer of electroacoustic music, creating works both contemplative and beatific, eerie yet essentially human.


Sarah Davachi's projects are primarily concerned with disclosing the delicate psychoacoustics of intimate aural spaces, utilizing extended durations and simple harmonic structures that emphasize subtle variations in overtone complexity, temperament and intonation, and natural resonances. The instrumentation she employs is varied, including analog synthesizers, piano, electric organ, pipe and reed organ, voice, tape-replay samplers, orchestral strings, and woodwinds, with mutual idioms often layered in textural and timbral counterpoint.

Ever prolific, Sarah's latest album release is 'Cantus, Descant', an 80 minute, 17 track double album meditation on impermanence and endings, framed by minimalistic organ études and careful harmonic layering. On two tracks the artist’s own vocals are also heard for the first time. This is the first release on the artist’s own label, Late Music.

“A masterful double album laced with singular artistry, palpable intention and innovation...a comfort amid so much uncertainty, a balm for the head and heart” - Uncut

“Cantus, Descant is an album that functions as meditative background music, but turn it up and it becomes an unignorable study in sound” - The Guardian