Sarah Davachi

A composer and performer of electroacoustic music, creating works both contemplative and beatific, eerie yet essentially human.


Sarah Davachi's projects are primarily concerned with disclosing the delicate psychoacoustics of intimate aural spaces, utilizing extended durations and simple harmonic structures that emphasize subtle variations in overtone complexity, temperament and intonation, and natural resonances. The instrumentation she employs is varied, including analog synthesizers, piano, electric organ, pipe and reed organ, voice, tape-replay samplers, orchestral strings, and woodwinds, with mutual idioms often layered in textural and timbral counterpoint.

Gave In Rest, Sarah's new album for Ba Da Bing, is a modern reading of early music, reforming sacred and secular sentiments to fit her purview and provide an exciting new way to hear the sounds that exist around us. Recorded in 2017 during a period of transition between Vancouver, Europe and her newly-established base of Los Angeles, Gave In Rest echoes an emotional state of solitude and ephemerality, reaching towards familiar musical landscapes but from oblique perspectives.

'Like Brian Eno at his solo best, it's the sort of ambience that doesn't flood, that hovers precariously somewhere between the conscious and the unconscious, barely there and indisputably present' - Pitchfork


John Stevens



Tour dates

Glasgow, UK
Amsterdam, NL