SIREN is a London-based collective whose mission is to challenge and re-define current preconceptions within dance music.


Working collaboratively at every step, the collective perform immersive AV DJ sets, curate spaces, produce events, self-publish a zine and run community engagement workshops. These projects work symbiotically with a multi-platform digital presence that takes in a monthly show on NTS radio, a website, and a mix series. At its core, whether IRL or on the web, all SIREN activity is about interrogating and upending normative gender-based values in the music business, highlighting the work of women and non-binary people and creating their own vibrant alternatives to the commercialisation of nightlife.

SIREN DJs Sybil, Jay, Moonbow, Slime Eye and VJ Fran, are the crew taking the sonic ideology of the collective to the dancefloor. Their mission to dismantle and reorient the scene towards fun, accessible events where women and non-binary people feel safe, is reflected by where they play. Whether an underground rave, a forward-thinking club promoter, a creative arts institution, or teaming up with fellow women, non-binary and queer focussed collectives.

SIREN DJs fuse together bass heavy electronic musics future and past, including oldskool rave and trance, hypnotic percussive rhythms and broken melodic techno, into a colourful and celebratory whole. The binding thread of futurism extends to the visual work of their VJ Fran, whose glittering, cybernetic planes weave together with their DJ sets to form a cross-disciplinary matrix of sound, image and words.


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