Yeah You

Father/daughter dada-leaning dyad whose improvised musical and geographical excursions will leave your head spinning like a well rubbered doughnut in a car park.


'Improvised music doesn’t come much more raw' THE QUIETUS

Yeah You is Elvin Brandhi and Gustav Thomas. The project grew from a desire to make something during every spare moment. Using compact recording gear to turn the usual banal everyday family drives to into spontaneous recording sessions in the car. Thomas’s distorted, alluringly jarred synthesisation’s acting as a jagged platform for Brandhi to writhe improvised stream of consciousness lyrical trips.

'A wicked onslaught of blunted beats, rudimentary synth contortions, and haphazard vocals as relentless as it is unpredictable as it is bloody wild' BOOMKAT

They have recently performed at Borealis, Counterflows, Supernormal festivals and September 2017 saw the release of KRUTCH, their latest and second LP on UK/Berlin imprint Slip, is another burst of poisonous, weaponised pop, spat out on the roam captures the exhilaration of driving with your eyes closed. Recorded in a black Renault Clio in Holland and Germany, and at Aurora, Budapest throughout early 2017, KRUTCH is the duo at a freshly terrifying apex, filtering the desperation of black metal through an unerring pop nous.


Joe Hatt