Zoë Mc Pherson

Zoë Mc Pherson is an interdisciplinary artist whose kaleidoscopic output channels a myriad of sources and research.


Following the success of her 2018 album/art project String Figures [SF01] and associated cross-form emanations, States of Fugue [SF02] is Mc Pherson's adventurous and uncompromising new record, the first release on SFX, a new hybrid label established with regular collaborator Alessandra Leone.

The album - and brand new live show that accompanies it - relentlessly toys with typical dance music meter, creating complex organic structures that activate forgotten muscles in those exposed at sufficient volume, puppeteering the obedient dancer into new patterns of movement, while also betraying a deviant, punkish streak that sees her stand out from the deconstructed club crowd via collaborations with Elvin Brandhi and Dutch free improv vocalist Greetje Bijma.

'String Figures manages to remain as challenging as it is danceable, and Mc Pherson’s electroacoustic blend packs an energetic physical punch' — The Wire

With the launch of SFX and a clutch of multimedia collaborations alongside, as well as a continuing interest in DJ sets that bleed trippy field recordings into powerful percussive dance music, 2020 will witness Zoë evolve in all directions.