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Current 93, the Final Hallucinatory Patripassianist rock group, was founded in 1983 and 1984 by David Tibet. Since then they have created a unique, highly influential and extraordinarily powerful body of work – spanning music, painting, poetry and translation – and comprising more than 50 albums and singles. Amongst this vast discography are albums such as the apocalyptic worldshifts of Nature Unveiled, the lunar bloodscapes of In Menstrual Night, the playground singsongs of Swastikas For Noddy, the Gnostic acrostics of Thunder Perfect Mind, the bonefires and samphires Of Ruine Or Some Blazing Starre, the haunted nights and twilights of Soft Black Stars, the hallucinatory Dream English of The Inmost Light trilogy, the narrative of the advent of AntiChrist and the Second Coming of Yesu Christ in Black Ships Ate The Sky, the pentacular picnics under Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain, the Coptic nightmares of BaalStorm, Sing Omega and the liminal limnal hymnal HoneySuckle Æons.

Outside of his work with Current 93, David Tibet has collaborated with many remarkable and idiosyncratic artists such as Tiny Tim, Nick Cave, Antony Hegarty, William Basinski, Rickie Lee Jones, Reinier van Houdt, Nick Blinko, Tony McPhee and Shirley Collins. He has also worked extensively with Steven Stapleton’s Nurse With Wound, Michael Cashmore, Ben Chasny, Andrew Liles, James Blackshaw, Ossian Brown, Baby Dee and the late Jhonn Balance of Coil.

David Tibet released the first album and single by Antony and the Johnsons on his previous record label Durtro; Antony later covered one of C93’s songs. He has also released albums and singles on his various labels by Shirley Collins, Tiny Tim, Rudimentary Peni and Arthur Doyle. David has also appeared on many other artists’ recordings, including albums by Skitli and Æthenor. His paintings have been shown in solo exhibitions at New York’s White Columns and at London’s Isis Gallery, at which his first book of paintings, Some Gnostic Cartoons, was released. His new book of paintings, I Arose As Aleph, The Speller, The Killer, was published in 2013 with an accompanying 1-sided 12” by Current 93.

As well as being the founder of record labels Maldoror, Durtro, Coptic Cat and The Spheres, he also created the publishing imprints Ghost Story Press, Durtro Press, Coptic Cat Press and The Spheres Press, on which he has published nearly 50 books including titles by the seminal horror writer Thomas Ligotti as well as by the arch-decadent Count Stenbock, many of which were published by David for the first time.

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