Mun Sing

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Territory: Europe
Agent: Joe
Links:  Soundcloud

Announcing himself with his Witness EP on Mexico City based label Infinite MachineMun Sing is the solo project of Giant Swan‘s Harry Wright. His music is a clattering exploration of distorted textures, twisted samples and unconventional rhythms that are then galvanised into pounding perfection for the club.

Mun Sing is Wright’s tool to challenge the conventions and aesthetics of modern day club culture. To experiment with ideas of inclusivity and positivity, influenced by mainstream pop music by injecting pop’s marketing methods into the more serious, austere club world. By putting dance and unity at the forefront of the agenda, he aims to make things more appealing and accessible for everyone. Dance routines, obnoxious visuals and brash costumes all feature in the live show, where Mun Sing uses these elements as a means to highlight inclusivity, movement and fun.

Using primitive tools by today’s standards, he destroys sounds, layers organic effects and criss crosses rhythms. Rudimentary drum machines are fed through GarageBand; devices that can easily be sourced for cheap or free thus removing a layer of superiority between the artist and audience.

By looking at the the dialogue between each instrument, he builds up a conversation between one drum part and another to create a number of cross rhythms and therefore multiple ways to move and react to it;  finding your own rhythm within the chaos. A nod to finding your own peace and control within today’s hectic club lifestyle. Mun Sing aims to encourage people to lose their inhibitions, to give in to movement and fun and make clubbing more about the audience rather than the DJ.

Press Quotes

“Imagine Perc and The Bug slinging dubs at each other during a subterranean soundclash full of dry ice and strobes and you’re part of the way to what the five-track ‘Witness’ sounds like.” – MIXMAG

“Bone-rattling, staccato drum machine attacks from Mun Sing…Grime, techno and noise are chucked in the blender and come out rude AF” – BOOMKAT

“Mun Sing delivers five twisted tracks built from stark, industrial textures, hard-hitting beats, and warped samples” – XLR8R





Tour Dates

20/01/18 Mun Sing in London, UK Waiting Room





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