Daniel Menche

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Territory: Europe
Agent: John
Links: official site


Honoured to be hooking up with this prolific sonic auteur from Portland, Oregon. Daniel Menche spills musical blood in a manner invested with a deeply personal sense of wonder and humanity that pours from the speaker channels, casting him as a totally singular figure in the world of audio limit-pushing. Gushing waterfalls, storms, throat, skin, heart, massive drums, kids choirs, acoustic instruments, pianos and organs, junk electronics, high tech electronics, garbage, dirt, gold and diamonds . . . There are no rules. Any and all sounds are possible conduits to music. There are absolutely no barriers or biases in what can be used.

With scores of releases on cornerstone labels like Editions Mego, Important, Touch and Sub Rosa, Menche is an invigorating and engrossing onstage force, whether coaxing relentless and all-enveloping waves of sound from his own body and a bank of pedals or in accompaniment to his own eye-poppingly intense visual work. Open to ideas, unusual locations and high-octane collaborations.

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