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On the back of “Multiply” Duppy Gun Prod. Vol. 1, a blazing compilation just released via Stones Throw Records, Duppy Gun Soundsystem are ready to pull the trigger on their debut tour. The next step on from ICON GIVE THANK, their righteous hook-up with The Congos, this heavy-hitting futuristic roots/dancehall alliance pairs Cameron Stallones (Sun Araw), M.Geddes Gengras and a host of adventurous US producers (such as Aaron Coyes (Peaking Lights), Alex Gray (D/P/I), Matthewdavid and Butchy Fuego) with a dynamite pack of raw vocalists from Jamaica including I Jahbar, Early One, Fyah Flames, Dayone, G Sudden, Lukan I, Bookfa, Singin’ Crazy and Cerassietea … now, from its origins on the streets of St Catherine, near Kingston, it becomes a real live deal in Europe for the first time.
Reps from the US side (including Stallones) will be dropping riddims and laying down live tracks for a delegation of smoking-hot singer/toasters taking to the mic for the first time ever out of JA. Essential runnings for sun-baked festival slots and after-hours basement business.

DUPPY GUN PROD. is a Sidereal Roots Dancehall label founded and operated by Cameron Stallones (Sun Araw) and M. Geddes Gengras. Producing and curating riddims from a growing family of Duppy Gun producers, Stallones and Gengras ferry them to Jamaica and record vocalists wherever they are able to find talent and an electrical outlet.
Stallones recounts the label’s origins as follows:

In 2011 a man approached me, gestured to a red, green, and gold-painted hole into a parallel life, and suggested I step through it. I did.  One of the main products of that decision was a record called ICON GIVE THANK, a collection of music created while living and recording with The Congos in Portmore, Jamaica.  However, a small thing that happened just this one day during that time has now unexpectedly grown to become a very big thing, as certain things are wont to do. That thing was the recording of two songs with vocalists that had been gathering in the yard during the sessions. Those songs were “Earth” by Early One, and “Multiply” by Dayone. The riddims were bits and clips that had been discarded in the process of ICON GIVE THANK, and the persistence of the vocalists caused us to play these funny little wobbles for them, almost in an attempt to dissuade them. However, immediately they were transmogrified before our ears into brash, strutting “DUPPS,” and the vocal heat that was applied baked them shut. SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED.

A little later, that ball rolled a little farther and Ged and I decided to self-manufacture a 12″ record, DPY001, with “Earth” on the A and “Multiply” on the flip. A little later than that, and to everyone’s great advantage, Stones Throw Records white-knighted the whole shebang and agreed to help with the tasks in which we had proved incompetent. And so DUPPY GUN PROD. was born proper from taking a perpendicular step through a red, green, and gold hole into a parallel life. That parallel life has involved 3 further 12″ records, and several more trips to the island, culminating recently in a 2013 two-week expedition with a Shure SM7B, a laptop, an extension cord, and a kettle of riddims from Alex Gray (D/P/I), Aaron Coyes (Peaking Lights), Matthewdavid, and Butchy Fuego (San Gabriel). That expedition altered the angle of the hill that the ball was rolling down, and so now there’s “MULTIPLY, DUPPY GUN PROD. VOL. 1,” a multi-producer, multi-artist double-album compilation of outer-orbit dancehall selections by I Jahbar, Early One, Fyah Flames, Dayone, G Sudden, Lukan I, Bookfa, Singin’ Crazy, and Cerassietea.

But also! There is another thing, called VISUAL VERSION EXCURSION: a full-length visual dub created by Tony Lowe (filmmaker, Blazer Sound System foundation-stone, and Duppy-conspirator from the start) and myself; an expanded visual document of our experiences with the artists on the island. These are the latest bullets from the Duppy Gun, and we checked, and we still got a full clip.


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