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Territory: Europe
Agent: John
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Listen to two tracks from new release Spots y Escupitajo:


Elysia Crampton’s eclectic and unrestrained electronic music is the flashpoint of a myriad influences opening upon the complexity and multifacetedness of Aymara becoming. Underscored by radical and queer politics, Crampton’s experimental work gives sonorous form to contemporary expressions of Aymara resistance and survival: a project of “becoming-with,” in the shades given this term by Donna Haraway via prison abolitionist Che Gossett.

Her album Demon City, composed in honour of the revolutionary Bartolina Sisa and her yungueña grandmother, was deemed a “masterwork” by Rolling Stone and was one of Pitchfork’s 20 best experimental albums of 2016. Her latest release, Spots y Escupitajo, leads the listener into “a dizzying, hyper-conceptual collection of miniatures.”



She’s able to turn a hauntingly maniacal laugh into an incredible percussive inflection, which she blends with polyrhythmic drums and the sounds of crickets…for music made on a computer, it’s startlingly organic and vivid

Although it’s possible to contextualise Crampton’s work among that of her contemporaries, hers is a truly singular style…she’s able to synthesize numerous musical forms, crashing timbres, dense percussion, mauled samples, pretty synth lines, club music structures dismantled from within, and much more, into bold music rich with purpose and feeling.

This is the stereophonic sound of artists who shape and reckon with their realities simultaneously. They are the ones staging the apocalypse, and they will inherit the earth.
NPR, First Listen

With her oblique and politically-charged productions, this Virginia-based artist is striking a new prescence in electronic music.”

Elysia Crampton and Rabit are producers working at electronic music’s bleeding edge, and The Demon City…is stormy, mechanical and pockmarked with evil-sounding moans and cackles…”

An earthiness or sensitivity to ecology is present in Crampton’s sound, but alongside this she’s also accrued fragments of mass culture and digests the two simultaneously – where the two collide, they are moments that speak to another kind of landscape that one encounters while moving out in the world

Dummy Track’ conveys a strong sense of communal generative power with its conversational arrangement of harmonics-rich percussion, aggressively loping bass and insistent demonic laugh.
THUMP, The 30 Best Tracks of 2016 So Far

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