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Territory: Europe
Agent: Mark
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A transformative union of two idiosyncratic tellers, Hypnopazūzu sees Current 93 speller David Tibet joining forces with the eternal Youth, famed not only for his work as bassist with Killing Joke but for production and collaborative work with an outlandishly eclectic list of artists. Together, they’ve created a singular hallucinatory vision that marries symphonic splendour to indignant gnostic intensity – Create Christ, Sailor Boy draws in, and down, masks terrestrial and celestial and summons a collection of songs unlike anything either artist has created previously.

Together, these two again manifested their sticky alchemy, with Youth’s ornate and dramatic arrangements sliding into and around Tibet’s vivid hypnagogic visions to end up in a psychic picnic hinterland that is as sumptuous as it is colourful in its opulence. Nothing was discussed between them about how the album would sound, with just their Names guiding their intuitive journey into SweetDreamSound. Transcendent, tumultuous, and tricky, Create Christ, Sailor Boy is the sound of two spirits skipping as one to create a sidereal glimpse into uncounted cartoons.



These are Tibet’s strongest vocals in years…A gorgeously wonky and strange beast, a blur of synths and live tabla, sinking cheap electric pianos in complex seas of feedback. And all crowned, of course, by a long draught of uncut Tibet, bellowing about the funny papers, Pinocchio and handjobs” – The Wire

Youth enchants with hypnotic and dreamy soundscapes as Tibet recants strange and magical vocal spells dipping back into the lore and rites of ancient Albion. What strikes about his unmistakable delivery is an air of wanderlust and the enchantment flows with natural, soothing grace, infecting the listener to the very core” – Terrorizer

David Tibet and Youth bring ritual ruminations on hidden earth powers, death and rebirth and the heavens. A good OST for Russell Hoban’s cult post­apocalypse novel Riddley Walker” – MOJO

Tour Dates

23/04/17 Hypnopazūzu in Tilburg, NL Roadburn Festival


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