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Territory: Europe (excl. France, Benelux, GAS, Italy)
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KOKOKO! is a collective of artists and musicians formed in Ngwaka, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Brought together with the help of local production company La Belle Kinoise (Africa Express), the project melds a group of punk-spirited local musicians with prolific French bass producer débruit. After building a recording studio together out of mattresses, wood and a ping pong table, the collaborators began exploring each other’s ideas, sounds, and cultural influences. What emerges is a radical and urgent style blending self-built instruments and futuristic production that hints at psychedelia, disco, and rugged post-punk.

Coming off the back of a trail-blazing introductory short ‘We are KOKOKO!’ which amassed over 2 million views across various platforms, they released their debut EP TOKOLIANA in June 2017. New EP TONGOS’A, (out October 20 on ICI) finds the band further exploring themes of survival in the DRC’s current political climate and features raunchy ghetto anthems, tropical bass lines but remains routed in folkloric tradition.

Live they perform as an explosive 5 piece ensemble propelled by their customised junk percussion, home-built instruments and vocal mantras. Following a debut European tour in spring, KOKOKO! return across 19 dates this autumn including Amsterdam Dance Event, Milan’s Linecheck Festival, and a residency at the London Jazz Festival.


Press Quotes

“KOKOKO! excel at turning chaos into euphoria”  – Pitchfork

“Energetic and explosive… inspiring a thriving alternative dance”  – TED Global

“KOKOKO! is an explosive new musical collective that thrives on ingenuity”
 – TIME 

“Get to know the soundtrack of Kinshasa’s tomorrow, a powerful protest project called KOKOKO!” – i-D




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