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Territory: Europe
Agent: Chiz
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A deep well of emotion and atmosphere is conjured up by Nancy Elizabeth in her mesmeric songs, all cut through with her warm, natural northern English charm.  The piano-led second album for the Leaf Label Wrought Iron received great reviews, winning over fans of all persuasions. She has that sense of mystery combined with a undisguised love of melody, mood and emotion that makes her a real treasure, like John Martyn she draws on folk song but effortlessly moves to other plateaus. However it is the carefully nuanced and songs of this Northern English multi-instrumentalist with a beautifully unadorned voice that makes her such a crowd pleasing performer.

Her Kept Impulses tour  in May 2010 with Hauschka and James Blackshaw found her moving from piano to harp to guitar, from contemporary classical to emotive out pourings to transcendental instrumental pieces. 2010 saw her play at folk clubs The Barbican and on Portuguese TV. She has sung with Paul White, James Yorkston and Susumu Yokota among others and is an in demand multi-instrumentalist. New album coming soon and it’s a pearl.


Press Quotes

“The essence of Nancy Elizabeth’s voice, to me, is its individuality; that is, somehow in its timbre, in its pitch, her voice has the ability to capture how we experience something as individuals, and how that can be both isolating and a source of much joy.” -  Laura Barton, The Guardian

“Beautifully, brilliantly bare… a lesson in how economy and atmospherics create true emotion… You’ll find it hard to drag yourself away” – Mojo


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