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Nisennenmondai are the pulse-guiding Japanese sonic trinity comprising of guitarist Masako Takada, bassist Yuri Zaikawa and drummer Sayaka Himeno. Influenced by the controlled dynamics of dance and hierarchic rupture caused by noise in equal measure, they have been sculpting tracks of body moving instrumental power and finesse since the dawn of the new millennium.

The micro-designed ergonomics of their sound design enables the listener/dancer to feed their own personal hums, clicks and energies into the patterns created by the band’s wholly music. Never a band for falling into well worn crescendos and dreary break downs, this trio drill into the power of the tightly-wound beat, the wash/dissonance created by machines, and the acoustics properties of their instruments.

Their early records (Tori, Rokuon, Neji) were brutally raw: formative Sonic Youth feedback wig-outs barely held together by Himeno’s intensity, yet their latest offering N (Blast First Petite) is more representative of their current live awe-inspiring live show. Their instruments are robotised and liquified by keeping within a carefully designed undulating rhythm that you have no choice but to be locked in into.

Their live appearances are occasions where their dedication and endurance comes to the forefront, an opportunity to be set free into a state of eternal, percussion-led grooves, constantly shifting through neon-gilded gears and a soundscape built by mother nature and the optimum end of Sunrise Industries. Their future has to be funktional.

Press Quotes

“With walls of distortion and a pummelling rhythmic backbone that fluctuates between krautrocks repetition and free-rock calamity, bassist Zai, guitarist Ma-Chan and drummer Hime have formed an unassuming juggernaut.” – Dazed & Confused

“Nisennenmondai master subtlety on N, reigning the chaos into a hypnotic drone.” –  Consequence of Sound

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