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Rashad Becker is a composer and musician residing in Berlin.

His compositions are multilayered narratives populated by an ensemble of sonic entities, some smug, some shy,some agitators, others ready to surrender.  Often there’s a tragic-comical touch, like a cartoon version of what could be a requiem from a dream (or just as much a fertility dance from another dimension).

Recent works include the cycle ‘Traditional Music Of Notional Species’ released across two volumes on PAN, and a multi-part work called ‘Based On A True Story‘ that derives scores from historical occurrences in a sort of ‘sonic staging’. In this context, he is currently commissioned by New York-based ensemble Alarm Will Sound and Berlin string ensemble Kaleidoskop.


Rashad is mainly active as a solo artist but finds himself in a series of permanent collaborations alongside Eli Keszler, Moritz von Oswald and as a member of the formation Moleglove. Other and more sporadic collaborators have been Okkyung Lee, Andre Vida, Ashley Paul, and Valerio Tricoli.

Press quotes

“Becker’s deft manipulation of the oddball sounds he creates allows him to elevate what could have been hazy sketches into the realm of high art” The Quietus

“Rashad Becker’s work is probably the closest thing we currently have to a disturbing glimpse through a rupture in the fabric of reality.  Cherish it appropriately” Brainwashed


28/01/18 Rashad Becker in Berlin, DE HAU with Pan Daijing
29/01/18 Rashad Becker in Berlin, DE HAU with Pan Daijing
30/01/18 Rashad Becker in Berlin, DE HAU with Pan Daijing
04/02/18 Rashad Becker in Berlin, DE Academy of the Arts
09/02/18 Rashad Becker in Barcelona, ES Hangar Sound
15/02/18 Rashad Becker in Aarhus, DK Tape
16/02/18 Rashad Becker in Copenhagen, DK Jazzhouse
01/03/18 Rashad Becker in Graz, AT Forum Stadtpark
03/03/18 Rashad Becker in Graz, AT Dungeon




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