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It takes someone with a particular kind of approach to get something emotionally resonant and with references to all kinds of electronic/dance and experimental micro-genres from the modular synth. Some Truths brings a zinc hot soul as well brutal sonics and steams of new rhythmic pleasure to the alien electronic soundscapes of his releases and live shows . Some Truths is a project from Ralph Cumbers aka Bass Clef, an artist known to throw curveballs and cowbells at the best of times. Some Truth’s show are generated entirely on modular synths, with each live performance totally unique, composed at the soundcheck, the only way.

After a series of limited edition cassettes released on his own MAGIC + DREAMS label, the project is set to move onto vinyl this year, with LP releases due on Mordant Music, We Can Elude Control, and PAN.

Press Quotes

Ralph has taken the synth on the road and played alongside artists such as Keith Fullerton Whitman, Miles Whittaker, Mark Fell, The Bug, Oneohtrix Point Never, Helm and an appearance at the Liverpool International festival Of Psychedelia.

“The synthesizer spitting out multiple layers of penetrating, shimmery tones that coil and rebound off each other in hypnotic, dynamic flux…a direct conduit between mind and sound, with Cumbers’ influences emerging from his subconscious into Some Truths ‘ translucent, synthetic language” THE WIRE

“taut, shimmering tones whip around one another in a disorienting, glassy dance – simultaneously dazzling and brutal – while at any given moment you’re never quite sure what’s going to happen next, as brittle-edged notes abruptly melt and distort time like a Dali clock.” THE QUIETUS

“sumptuous analogue techno involutions” BOOMKAT

“If you can imagine the envelope-shaped warmth and naive melodic instinct of earlyish Kling-Klang produktions underpinned by a BIG, lopsided Dancehall Skank…There’s a range of different styles / moods here, from strange abstractive constructions through to modulated drones and lovely, meditative, melodic synth-lines w/ ‘drums’; something for everyone” KEK-W

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Full live set recorded at Café Oto:



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