The Bug presents Sirens

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Territory: Europe
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The Bug presents ‘Sirens’

A Symphony for Foghorn, Bass Drone, Siren and Loud Volume

A new work blurring the boundaries between live performance and immersive installation. Written as a therapeutic response to critical operations his newborn son endured, Sirens is a durational avalanche of sound, light and physical sensation, building from the quietest whisper to the most deafening roar. A single, hypnotic soundscape divided into passages of haunting ambience, delirious drone and body-punishing sub bass combines with a dense wall of fog, strobes and blinding light to create a unique and over-powering experiential environment.

Sirens has been performed at CTM Festival in Berlin and The Masonic Lodge in LA and has incorporated special guests including Grouper, William Basinski and Dylan Carson.

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