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Territory: Europe
Agent: Joe
Links:  Soundcloud

One of modern music’s most elusive experimentalists, Visionist has been colouring the monochrome landscape of electronic production since his breakthrough EP I’m Fine in 2013, dissolving all manner of genres down in order to create work to which these terms no longer apply. His artistic signature is to manipulate vocal content into dense, highly fabricated melodies, human sound reconfigured into a stark and beguilingly alien sublime.

Visionist entered the live realm around his debut LP, Safe (PAN, 2015), with his arresting A/V show (a collaboration with Dutch artist Kevin Bray) illuminating festival stages including Unsound, London Contemprary Music Festival, CTM and Sonic Acts.


Press Quotes

“More than any of his peers, Carnell has succeeded in making a statement that feels not just a flexing of experimental techniques, but something rich and human, too” – Pitchfork

“Using the pitch-shifted vocals of UK garage, the dark futurism of British electronica and the DIY beats of grime and twisting it into fresh new shapes” – Dazed & Confused

“Cracked ambient frequencies teem with warped voices that can be cartoonish and alien at once, all abstracted stammers and sighs. Beats hit hard with a sense of creaking and grinding that makes the banging, when it happens (usually sparingly), all the more dynamic in the end” – Rolling Stone ’20 Great New British Artists to Watch’

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No shows booked at the moment.

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